2021-2022 Turkey Best Hair Transplant Clinics

The Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey 2022 – The Truly Best

We previously have talked – in details – about hair transplant in Turkey and within the following lines; we will be talking about the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey for the year 2022.

The Turkish hair transplant market has witnessed a massive growth in the last few years. The huge investments of the country in the cosmetic field have made it a leading destination worldwide in hair transplant.

As of today, statistics show that Turkey is the third best country to undergo a hair transplant procedure. This success comes as a natural result of the continual improvements in terms of the advanced techniques and the long experience of Turkish doctors. Turkish hair transplant doctors are continuously demonstrating a new level of expertise in this field.

Add to that the very affordable costs charged by Turkish clinics that make patients from all over the world go there to save a big deal financially.

Based on intensive researches conducted by our team, we – within this article – will be talking about the best hair transplant clinics through covering two primary dimensions as follows:

First: The best hair transplant clinics in Turkey and Istanbul.

Second: The best hair transplant clinics worldwide.

We will be doing that by addressing the following points:

  • The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey
  • The best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul
  • Evaluating Turkey best hair transplant clinics and centers
  • The best hair transplant centers worldwide

The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey 2022

The number of hair transplant centers in Turkey is increasing rapidly which happens to be a good thing from some perspectives yet confusing to patients.

As per statistics, there are around 500 hair transplant clinics in Istanbul alone. Although this fact may sound good when considering competition, it makes it harder for patients to find the right center from the crowd.

In order to help easing that, we decided to come up with a simplified guide like this to help local and international patients save time and efforts finding the top hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

The evaluative factors we considered include:

  • The satisfying results of hair transplant procedure.
  • The satisfying rate among previous patients.
  • The number of successful operations.
  • Years of experience.

List of the 3 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Istanbul

Due to the high demand rate for hair transplant services in Istanbul, we decided to devote this section for clinics in Istanbul specifically.

From a personal perspective that relies on intensive search and comparisons, we have found out that the best hair transplant centers in Istanbul are:

  1. Expert Hair Transplant Clinic: Operating in one of the largest and latest university hospitals in Turkey.
  2. Avrupa Saç Ekimi clinic:  one of the pioneers of hair transplant in Istanbul
  3. Dr Hakan Doganay Center.


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