Hair Transplant in Turkey and the Best Clinics

Hair transplant in Turkey became an easy procedure, especially with the medical and technological advances in the field of cosmetic surgeries.

This field has witnessed rapid growth over the past decades. It is the most suitable solution for people who are looking for a permanent solution to the problem of baldness.

Hair transplant clinics are widely known for their high capabilities, equipment, and long medical experience.

Add to that the reasonable cost of hair transplant in Turkey as compared to other countries and this is what makes it a destination for everyone.

So, what is the process of hair transplantation and the factors behind Turkey’s success? We’ll discuss everything in detail in the coming line.

But before we start talking about the process of hair transplantation, let us first discuss:

  • The structure of hair
  • The reality of baldness
  • What are the factors that cause hair loss in males and females?

Hair Life Cycle

The hair goes through a life cycle like all other organs, and this cycle is represented by the following stages:

  • A hair grows from a follicle, which by its nature resembles an incubator or a pouch. Its role is to provide the hair with stability and nourishment.
  • The follicle is in a deep layer of the skin called the dermis. The reason for that is to keep it away from any factors that may affect it.
  • The epidermis and the dermis are connected with the follicle by a large network of capillaries. These capillaries in turn transport nutrients and oxygen.
  • The follicle, in general, relies on iron, protein, and vitamins to nourish the hairs.
  • When the life cycle of the follicle ends, nutrients and oxygen cannot be transferred to the follicle. This inevitably leads to the death of the follicles and hair loss.

Baldness and Hair Loss in Males and Females

Some may not be aware of the fact that baldness in both genders is primarily caused by genetic factors. But it is more prevalent among men than women.

Usually, the effects of baldness begin to appear in males at the age of thirty, but in some cases, it may appear at an early age around the 20s.

Types of hair loss

There are two types of hair loss:

  1. The first is a natural, temporary and periodic fall after where the follicle returns to producing new hair.
  2. The second is the loss of hair due to the death of the follicle and which will not grow new hairs.

Hair grows in the head more or less by about 15 mm per month, depending on the nature of the body and other factors.

What are the Factors Causing Hair Loss in Men and Women?

  • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is one of the causes of hair loss. This occurs due to the sensitivity of hair follicles to the hormone DHT, as it increases the rate of hair loss increases.
  • Genetic factors passed on from parents to children.
  • Health status, including lack of vitamins and proteins, lack of iron levels in the body and wrong nutrition.
  • Some diseases such as thyroid gland disorders and anemia.
  • Injuries resulting from burns or accidents.
  • Taking some medications that lead to hair loss, such as cancer drugs.
  • The psychological aspect also has a major role in baldness. As it has been scientifically proven that psychological and emotional stresses are all factors leading to baldness.

Hair Transplant Surgery 

Scientists have created radical solutions to all the distortions that can affect people, in an effort to reach the ideal life. The process of hair transplantation was truly one of humanity’s inventions, to restore hair back.

It is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for a radical treatment to get rid of baldness for life.

Unlike temporary solutions, which are a waste of money and time, and their results are not comparable to hair transplantation.

Development of Hair Transplant

The history of hair transplantation has gone through many developmental stages, like all inventions and discoveries.

In the last century, the idea came to light in Germany in 1822 AD. Thanks to a doctor who tried to replace animal hair with feathers and fur.

Then the idea developed until about 1950, when two American doctors officially started hair transplantation.

The idea was very popular and began to develop until it reached its present form.

What is the Process of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure developed in the 1950s. It is classified as a minimally invasive procedure and is carried out under local anesthesia.

Simply put, the process involves transferring strong and healthy hair follicles from areas known to be resistant to baldness (the donor area) at the back of the head.

And then implanting them in areas suffering from baldness (the receiving area).

Hair transplantation is not limited to men only, as it has recently been noted that the increasing demand for hair transplantation for women has also been observed.

The reason for this is due to the experience and professionalism of doctors and the development of hair transplantation techniques, which gives great and successful results that encourage women to do it.

The duration of the operation usually ranges from 5 to 8 hours. One of the encouraging things about hair transplantation is that it does not require hospitalization. The patient can return to his/her country four days after the operation.

Eligible Conditions for a Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey

If you are considering getting a hair transplant in Turkey, then you must meet some criteria. First of all, you must have a healthy donor area. As this is the safest area to extract the follicles from, since it contains healthy hair that is resistant to baldness.

The age factor is also one of the main conditions. Because it is not possible to perform hair transplantation until after the age of 19.

Add to that the person’s health status, as there are some health obstacles that prevent from doing the operation, including:

  • Heart problems and diseases.
  • blood pressure disorders.
  • diabetes mellitus.
  • Hepatitis C or B.
  • Kidney failure.

That is why everyone who is about to undergo the operation must share all the necessary details with the doctor.

Recovery After Hair Transplant in Turkey

The recovery period after hair transplant in Turkey is estimated at one week after the operation. This period is sufficient for all signs of the operation to disappear.

  1. Tips and things to expect:
    • You can expect mild pain, swelling, or tightness on both the transplanted area and donor area.
    • It’s crucial to avoid touching or scratching during the first two weeks.
    • Make sure to sleep with your head elevated for the first 5 nights to reduce swelling.
  2. First Week:
    • Towards the ends of the first week scabs will start to form on the scalp and around the wounds.
    • A few days after the surgery, mild swelling might move down the forehead and even to the eyes, but it typically goes away within a week.
    • Redness in both the donor and transplanted areas is normal and nothing to worry about. This is more evident in people with lighter skin tone.
  3. Second Week:
    • The majority of the scabs fall off and the scalp is clear of any scabs after 2 weeks.
    • Some itching is normal but make sure to resist scratching your scalp.
    • Redness starts to fade but may still be noticeable for people with light skin tone.
    • Gentle washing with a mild shampoo is usually recommended by the surgeon.
  4. Three to Four Weeks:
    • Starting from the 3rd week post hair transplant the “Shedding phase” will take place. This is when your newly transplanted hairs start to fall out, which is completely normal. This is a part of the hair growth cycle.
    • The donor area is typically healed, and any pain or tightness usually subsides on its own.
    • You might experience loss of sensation due to temporary nerve damage. But it’s nothing to worry about as it will resolve on its own.
  5. One to Three Months:
    • The shedding process continues.
    • Initial signs of new growth may be seen around the 3-month mark but can be earlier or later for some individuals.
    • The new hair will be thin and fragile, and it will get thicker with time.
    • Scalp may still appear somewhat pink or red.
  6. Four to Eight Months:
    • You will start seeing some noticeable hair growth in the transplanted area.
    • Hair texture may be curlier or different from what the final result will be.
    • The hair will continue to thicken and mature.
  7. Nine to Twelve Months:
    • During this time, you can see the semi-initial results with significant hair growth. The transplanted hair will have grown considerably and thickened.
    • Majority of patients see about 60-70% of new hair growth.
  8. After Twelve Months:
    • Hair continues to mature and thicken.
    • By the 18th month, most patients see the final result, although some minor changes can continue up to 2 years post-transplant.

Types of Hair Transplant

Some people think that hair transplantation is only concerned with treating one area, which is the scalp.

But in fact, this surgery comes in three types, which are as follows:

Head Hair Transplant

Head hair transplantation is the most requested type, because the head area is the most prone to hair loss. It is the most effective, as its effect lasts for life.

The operation aims to transplant areas that suffer from baldness or to fill gaps on the scalp. By transferring the follicles from the donor area and implanting them in the receiving areas.

The process starts from the frontal areas of the head by planting single follicles with high density at an angle of 45, which gives the natural appearance of the person.

Beard and Mustache Hair Transplant

Beard transplantation or Mustache transplantation is no less important than hair transplantation for men. Because they are two signs of masculinity.

It happens that some suffer from a light beard or not grow a beard at all. Sometime even the presence of some scars due to a specific accident or burns requires a hair transplant.

The process is carried out in the same mechanism as head hair transplantation. Where follicles are transferred from the donor area behind the scalp and transplanted into the receiving area, whether the beard, Mustache or sideburns.

Mustache transplant 10besthairclinics

Mustache and goatee transplant

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Some people suffer from the loss or thinning of eyebrows for several reasons, so they opt for eyebrow transplant. This is because the eyebrows have a role in determining the features of the face.

Today, the solution has become accessible to everyone, as eyebrow transplantation guarantees the restoration of eyebrow hair and achieving natural results that last for life.

Body Hair Transplant

Some suffer from “weakness of the donor area”, and therefore some doctors may suggest “the use of body hair”. Where hair is extracted from the shoulders, chest or beard.

The main area that can be used as an alternative donor site is under the chin. However, the expected hair that can be extracted ranges between 500-800 hair grafts.


Using beard hair as an alternative donor area

On the other hand, the chest hair is not prone to hair loss and could fall out with time.

In a nutshell, body hair transplant is not advisable unless it’s very crucial. In the event that hair is not available in sufficient quantity in the donor area (back of the head), we recommend that you suffice with the results of one session.

Hair transplantation in Turkey

When “Turkey” is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that Turkey is a “medical tourism destination” due to its success in attracting millions of tourists.

Turkey has a strong infrastructure in this aspect, and hair transplantation is one of the most prosperous sectors.

The success of hair transplant in Turkey is due to its realization of the importance of hair for people.

Turkey has improved the hair transplantation sector by working on the highest international medical standards.

Some of the Reasons for The Success of Hair Transplant in Turkey

There are many reasons that made Turkey the first destination in the world in the field of hair transplantation, and among those reasons we mention the following:

Geographical strategic location

Turkey is the link between the two continents of Europe and Asia, which made it very easy to be reached from both continents.

Add to this the civilization of Turkey, which is rich in historical monuments and scenic tourist landscapes. Which represent strong attractions that enable patients to spend some enjoyable time after the completion of the operation.

Those who are about to undergo hair transplantation in Turkey benefit from high-quality treatment and tourism at the same time.

Medical expertise

Some think that the boom in the field of transplantation in Turkey is only due to the low cost of hair transplantation compared to some countries such as America and Europe.

But the medical experience, the skill of Turkish doctors, and the high medical capabilities made it the first choice for patients from all over the world.

As a result of continuous efforts and scientific research, Turkish hair transplant doctors have a great role in international conferences. The reason is that they have capabilities that go beyond medical expertise when it comes to hair transplantation.

They conduct continuous research and efforts to develop their expertise and knowledge in this field. To the extent that some are developing new technologies as a new contribution to this sector.

Success Rates

Turkey was able to break the record with the largest number of successful operations it achieved over several years.

But it should be noted that this does not apply to all clinics there, as you must choose your clinic very carefully.

In order to reach your desired goal and ensure impressive and successful results, you must search for the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

In this aspect, we find that the internet is full of sites that aim to help patients choose the best. For instance, our website aims to display a list of the top 10 hair transplant clinics around the world based on the evaluations of the patients themselves.

Modern medical technologies

Most medical centres rely on the latest scientific and technological developments in this field.

The FUE is now the best hair transplant technique and the most used in hair transplant clinics. Not only that, but the continuous research also to develop this technique was fully reflected in the impressive results of the operation.

As we can see today, several different techniques and methods have been developed that fall under the FUE technique and will be mentioned in detail in the following lines.

Comprehensive offers and packages

Turkey is famous for offering hair transplant packages. This can be realized by comparing the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey and other countries.

For example, we find that the cost of hair transplantation in America and European countries is around 8000 dollars as an average.

While the cost in Turkey may not exceed $2000, including all services. Such paradoxes encouraged many people to re-think before making the final decision.

The price of hair transplantation in Turkey is characterized by the fact that it includes comprehensive packages and offers.

For example, most clinics offer packages that include accommodation in the most luxurious hotels, transfers during the operation period, VIP airport transfers, and post-operative treatments.

Not only that, but some clinics offer packages that include tours and other entertainment services.

With all these high-end services at an affordable cost, there is no doubt that Turkey ranks first in the field of hair transplantation.

The Best Hair Transplant Methods in Turkey

There are many methods and techniques of hair transplant, and each technique has its advantages and disadvantages, but the pros always outweigh the cons.

To get acquainted with the techniques used, we have collected information and details about each technique and its mechanism:

First: The Strip Technique (FUT)

It is the first method used for hair transplantation. In short, the performing doctor takes a strip from the donor area that contains hair units (follicles). Then the strip is dissected into small pieces with each piece having a certain number of grafts.

The grafts are then redistributed and transplanted in the target area. It is a technique that is being used to this day in some centers, but it is not favored a lot in Turkey.

This is due to several reasons, the most important of which is the length of the recovery period. Since the FUT is a surgical operation that requires stitching, leaving a linear scar that can be seen when shaving the hair.

Second: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This technique is one of the most important techniques used recently. It is the first to be used in most hair transplant clinics in Turkey for most cases.

It is one of the latest methods of hair transplantation and a highly successful technique.

How is Hair Transplantation Done Using FUE Technique?


Extracting hair follicles (grafts) from the donor area, (usually in the area behind the head between the ears).

This is due to the resistance of the hair follicles to the DHT hormones that causes hair loss.

The extraction is carried out by a special microscopic device called the micromotor device. The tip of the device is attached with punches of different diameters and sizes.

Each punch is changed according to the type and size of the follicles, whether it is single, double, triple or quadruple.


When extraction of the follicles is done, the medical team starts sorting the hair follicles.

After that, the selected follicles are kept in a solution to protect them until the stage of implantation.

And finally:

According to the hair line drawn by the specialist, incisions are opened in a very natural way. This is done by using a very precise tools that allows the doctor to open the canals at the desired angle which matches the natural hair.

It all depends on the skills and experience of the doctor, which will be the main factor in the success or failure of the operation.

There are some new variations of the FUE technique which are:

  • Advanced MICRO FUE+
  • Mega FUE (MEGA FUE)
  • Choi implanter _ DHI pens
  • ARATAS Robot

Advanced MICROFUE Technique

During the follicle extraction phase, the hair transplant doctor uses specialized and precise tools to extract the grafts from the back of the head.

The resulting wounds have a diameter of only 0.6 to 0.8 millimeters. This technology enables quick healing of the wounds.

It is possible through this technique to extract large numbers of follicles, which range from (3500 to 4500) follicles.


Mega FUE is an extension of the MicroFUE technique. In fact, it is not a different or new technique, but rather a session in which a larger number of follicles are extracted.

The number of follicles that can be extracted in this type of session is 5000-5500 grafts.

But it should be noted that the doctor determines this after carefully examining the donor area. The health condition of the patient also plays a role in determining whether it is possible to extract that number or not.

Not everyone is qualified to for the Mega session, and it is not possible to exceed 5000-5500 grafts in a single session.

You may encounter some clinic that tempt you with a huge number of follicles, which exceeds 6000 thousand follicles, but you should beware of them.

These commercial clinics do not explain the risks related to excessive extraction of follicles in one session. Their only goal is to attract you to increase the financial gain.

Choi Implanter Pen (DHI)

This is world-leading technology that is characterized by the ease of performing the operation, and the shortening of the time required for surgery.

It is of high accuracy in terms of drawing the hairline and the angles on which the follicles are required to be transplanted.

DHI is done using a pen-like tool, to open the incision and implant the follicles at the same time. Grafts are inserted into the Choi implanter pen and directly implanted into the target areas hence the name (Direct Hair Transplantation)

Therefore, this method enables the doctor to implant the follicles in the way they sees fit and at the optimal angle.

This technique is useful and used in areas of low density or in small areas for that need to be transplanted, such as:

  • Beard and Mustache transplant
  • It is also ideal in hair transplantation for women, as it is characterized by not having to shave the hair completely.
  • Eyebrow Transplant
  • To increase hair density
  • This technique focuses on the areas that require less follicle transplantation than the FUE technique.

Sapphire FUE

This is the latest FUE hair transplant technique, and it works in the same way as the FUE. The only difference is in the tool used to open the incisions. In the Sapphire the tool is made of a precious gemstone called the sapphire.

The size of the incisions is relatively smaller; hence, speeding up the healing process.


It is the world’s first robot-assisted hair transplant system. Developed by Restoration Robotics. The trial began in 2006 and ended in 2011.

Like its predecessor, this technique uses Choi pens, because it is not possible to transplant a large number of follicles with it.

They are of little use due to the high cost of the robot, and the lack of expertise to use it.

What distinguishes Turkey from the rest of the world in hair transplant?

There are many countries and cities famous for hair transplantation. But hair transplant in Turkey has several advantages and positive aspects. Thanks to some factors, including:

  • Turkey relied heavily on tourism in its economy. The most important of these is medical tourism, which has actually witnessed in the last ten years a great development and support from the people and the government.
  • Hair transplant doctors are famous worldwide, and by establishing the largest medical centres in this field has made it a destination for everyone who wants to research for the latest methods and techniques of hair transplantation.

Tips to consider before and after the operation

It is essential that those who are approaching the operation to know what to do next. Especially since adherence to the instructions is crucial to the success of hair transplant and the return to the daily routine faster.

Below we will learn about some important tips that must be followed from the moment the operation is carried out until after two weeks have passed:

First, you must remember and follow all the instructions given by the doctor for hair care after the procedure.

There are general tips for hair transplant operations on the Internet. However, it is better to adhere to the instructions provided by the executing doctor.

  • Keep your scalp dry especially for the first day to allow the skin to recover.
  • Keep the area around your scalp clean throughout the recovery period.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages a week before the operation.
  • Also, you must abstain from all types of smoking two weeks before the operation.
  • If you experience pain and discomfort 3 to 4 hours after surgery, take painkillers as prescribed by your doctor.
  • You should sleep in a semi-upright position and use two or more pillows to elevate your head the first night after the operation. This position is important to avoid any excessive swelling on the scalp.
  • Wash your hair in the way explained by the clinic to remove the scabs. Do not pick the scabs with your fingers as this will harm the follicles.
  • Use ice packs to reduce swelling for the first week. However, ice should not be placed directly on the transplanted area. ·
  • You should take a rest immediately after the operation. The next day, you can go out to enjoy the charming city, but taking into account not to stress your body.

What you should avoid after the operation:

1- Do not be exposed to direct sunlight for at least a month after the operation.

What we mean here is to not spend long hours under the direct sun, for example on the beach, or as required by the nature of some field work.

2- You should refrain from covering your scalp for two weeks. And avoid anything that has not been approved by your doctor as it may bring negative side effects.

3- Avoid touching the newly transplanted follicles. As touching the scalp or rubbing it may lead to the removal of the follicles.

4- Do not drink alcohol during the first week after the operation because it impedes blood flow to the follicles.

5- You must refrain from all types of smoking for two weeks after the operation. Because smoking prevents the delivery of oxygen to the blood and thus impedes the blood flow to the transplanted follicles.

6- Do not exercise at least two weeks after hair transplantation.

7- Don’t bend or lean forward during the first week.

At the end, each doctor has his own instructions after the operation, and it is best to follow strictly your doctor’s instructions.

Moreover, the speed of recovery depends on the patient himself, so you must follow all the instructions and take all the time needed for a full recovery.

Some tips for choosing the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey

It is no wonder that we spend a lot of time searching for the right doctor. The case also applies to hair transplantation.

In this regard, we always stress on the importance of choosing your doctor carefully. As the doctor’s experience and technical abilities are closely related to the result which are reflected on the natural appearance of the transplanted hair.

Here are some tips that will help you in choosing the most suitable doctor for your hair transplant in Turkey:

Medical expertise and competency

You should look for the qualifications of the doctor as well as the number of years he/she has in this field.

Also, the best hair transplant doctor is always updated with the latest developments in this field and can carry out the operation with a great deal of accuracy and professionalism.

Regarding the results, do not forget that the doctor’s competence includes dealing transparently with his patients, regardless of any financial return.

In order to avoid any bad results, remember that a professional doctor never hesitates to present his qualifications and evidence of his medical credentials in this field.

Don’t be fooled by promotions

Perhaps the most common mistake is falling into the trap of promotions, as some clinics focus on financial returns, neglecting the ethics of this profession.

Many clinics operate without a license from the Turkish Ministry of Health, and these centres employ people who have nothing to do with the medical field.

You can imagine the scale of the disaster. Therefore, we always advise you to investigate about the medical competence first and not to be swept away by commercial advertisements of some clinics.

Excellent reputation of the doctor

One of the best ways to check the doctor’s competence and experience is by talking with their previous patients.

This is because they are ready to tell you things you would not have learned through promotions. Therefore, we always advise you to ask about the following points:

  • Number of successful cases previously executed.
  • The number of operations done per day. As professional clinics do not carry out more than two operations per day.
  • The doctor’s specialization and is he only specialized in hair transplantation.
  • Is the operation performed by the doctor himself, or the medical team does everything, and his role is limited only to supervision!?

Remember to ask everything you want to know about the process and anything that interests you.

The secret lies in the doctor, not the technique

Perhaps it is human nature for some to be deceived by advertisements instead of focusing on quality and efficiency.

As we can see, the sector of hair transplant in Turkey is packed with many promotional names for hair transplant techniques.

Where these inefficient clinics come up with terms for different techniques in order to attract the largest number of visitors.

We would like to note that hair transplantation is carried out through two techniques so far, namely the traditional FUT technique, which is no longer used today. The other is the modern technique known as the FUE technique.

It should be noted that all other names given by some clinics fall under the FUE technique and are not new methods as those clinics are trying to promote.

We must always remember that the technique is nothing but a method. The quality of results is related to the skill of the performing physician and his medical staff.

Take a look at previous cases and doctor’s qualifications

The professional doctor is always transparent when it comes to asking him about his previous hair transplant experiences.

Also, some clinics give the contact details of former patients (with their consent) to new patients to ask more.

You also need to ask the doctor for evidence of the previous cases. This is what the doctor must do immediately by showing real pictures that show before and after hair transplant

Make sure that the clinic is fully equipped

This is to avoid what happens to some patients when they do the operation in clinics that are not qualified, and who often end up wasting their money.

Therefore, we advise everyone to make sure first that the hospital/clinic is licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health and under the direct supervision of the Dermatology Department.

How do I find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey at an appropriate cost?

With the rapid growth of hair transplant in Turkey, there are some problems that affect this sector negatively.

Perhaps the most prominent of them are those related to the unreasonable price offers offered by some clinics.

The purpose of this is to attract as many people as possible and without any consideration for the ethics or requirements of this medical profession.

Therefore, it is always advised to carefully review the quotes before you book a clinic. And if you are one of the hundreds of thousands who come to Turkey for this purpose, the following tips will help you to find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey:

Check the previous cases of the clinic

You can communicate with people who have previously performed hair transplantation in the clinic. This way you can compare the results and their quality. It is known that the leading clinics always keep a documented record of the cases who received the treatment.

It is also possible to consult one of your relatives or friends who went through the process before to provide you with details about his experience.

Ensure the quality of the results

What we mean is tangible evidence of the validity of the results. Because it is possible to modify and play with the images in line with the clinic’s interests.

On the other hand, we find that video clips are absolute evidence that is difficult to manipulate. Therefore, the leading clinics always upload documentary videos to their sites.

Learn more about the methods available in the clinic

So that you can make sure that you get the method that suits your situation. Because some cases with early stages of hair loss do not require a hair transplant.

It can even be treated with hair loss medication or the Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) technique.

Therefore, it is always necessary to ascertain whether the clinic will provide you with the most appropriate solution.

Doctor’s experience

Undoubtedly, the experience and skills of the performing doctor plays the largest role in determining the results of the hair transplantation.

You can also learn more about many doctors through the means of research, especially on the Internet. You can also check the previous cases performed by the doctor.

And do not forget the importance of doing the operation at the best hair transplant doctor who is known for deep experience that qualifies them to perform this type of operation.

Search and Search

Fortunately, today you can get the names and addresses of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey on the Internet.

Especially on medical tourism websites and forums, through which you can search for:

  • Previous cases that received treatment in the clinic.
  • Pre-operative assessment.
  • Contact information with the doctor, including the website of the clinic or doctor.
  • Types of operations performed in clinics.
  • Cost, testimonials, before and after photos, and more.

After you have a short list of clinics that you like, you can start communicating with the clinics via email or phone. Some clinics may also ask you to add your data electronically and send some pictures for evaluation.

List of the 3 best hair transplant clinics in Turkey for the year 2021

1- Avrupa Hair Transplantation (Mehmet Guclu)

  • The clinic received the largest number of excellence awards from Turkish and international institutions in hair transplantation.
  • Website:
  • Prices for 2021 start from 1850 US dollars.
  • On average, they perform only two operations per day.

2- Expert Hair Transplant Clinic

  • Website:
  • It is actually the largest and most modern university hospital in Turkey.
  • They only perform one operation per day.
  • The operations are performed by a plastic surgeon.
  • Prices start at $1850 for the all-inclusive package.

3- Dr. Hakan Doganay

  • Website:
  • One of the world-famous clinics.
  • Usually, he does the procedure himself.
  • Their prices are relatively high.


In conclusion, there is no doubt that medical tourism is one of the best and most successful experiences that can be experienced in all respects.

This is confirmed by the thousands of tourists coming to Turkey annually for hair transplantation, who find in Turkey all the satisfaction in terms of quality and reasonable cost.

We would also like to advise everyone who is about to undergo hair transplant in Turkey to be careful in choosing the right clinic. Such a decision may require many months or sometimes years to make the final decision.

Choosing the best hair transplant doctor with great care will ensure that you get the best satisfactory results and a natural appearance. And to save you time and the hustle of looking for clinics you can check out our list for the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey here.