Dr Beyhan Zeybek: HAIRMED Clinic Turkey

Who is Dr Beyhan Zeybek?

Dr Beyhan Zeybek started her hair transplant career in 1994,

That’s when I witnessed the great development of hair transplantation during that time,

She was one of the first and oldest physicians who fully specialized in hair transplant operations in Turkey.


Dr Beyhan Zeybek has developed and refined her skills to the highest level,

And has now transformed its practice to focus on the technical side of hair transplantation,

Having contributed to the beginning of the emergence of hair transplantation in this part of the world.


Dr. Beyhan opened her own clinic in 1997,

And had the largest hair transplant team in Turkey at the time,

In 2013, she decided to devote her practice between her artistic activity as a photographer and her medical practice specializing in hair transplantation.


Hair transplantation at dr beyhan zeybek:

Dr beyhan is interested in a limited number of operations,

Because it believes that this step is important in focusing completely on the final results of the patient and with high accuracy,

It has a tremendous amount of previous cases and experience dealing with different situations,

It performs daily operations with either FUT or FUE.


Dr. Beyhan Zeybek is able to perform hair intensification for some areas where the hair is light.

It is compatible with natural densities, and has many foreign and Turkish patients as well.


Dr. Beyhan Zeybek and Hair Transplantation:

She deals with all kinds of hair,

She has developed her expertise in almost all aspects of hair transplantation,

It also produces perfectly natural results and draws a distinct frontal hair line,

It can also rebuild and grow beard as well as pick out beard hair for transplantation in the head, under so-called transplantation through the use of body hair transplant.


Dr. Beyhan has many local and international memberships, the most important of which is the membership of the International Society of Hair Surgery and Restoration (ISHRS).

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