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Teşvikiye, Op Zekeriya KUL, Vital Fulya, Hakkı Yeten Caddesi, Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

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After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul University, Dr Zekeriya Kul began his major in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Vakif Gureba Hospital for Education and Investigation in Istanbul. During this period, he participated and contributed to many national and international conferences. Thereafter, he completed his thesis on the “effect of adipose tissue originating from a portion of the stromal blood vessels on susceptibility.

After graduation, Dr Zekeriya Kul completed his compulsory duty at Van State Hospital. Soon after at the Bakirkoy Hospital, Dr. Sadie Konuk in Istanbul, he established his own clinic to accept both local and foreign patients. Dr. Zakaria Kohl is a plastic surgeon registered in the UAE and sometimes admits patients in Dubai.

During his specialty, Dr Zekeriya Kul traveled to Brazil to learn from Dr. Cesar Arontigui. Cesar Arrunategui at Belo Horizonte Belvedere Hospital. The hospital mostly specializes in breast surgery, body sculpting and facial lifting. During his time in Brazil, he learned about hair transplantation thanks to Dr. Carlos Opel. Dr. Uebel used the FUT chip technique to extract the follicles but used a new needle-like technique to open the channels and grow the follicles at the same time. After returning to Turkey in 004, he began to use the same tool used by dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons in the FUE picking technique. In the following years, he began to use small heads with a diameter of 0.7 mm and finally was adapted to the use of micro-motors called Micro Foy.

In the first year, Dr. Zekeriya Kul used the incision method in agriculture, however, he quickly noticed that the results were not completely different from the technique of FUT slide, and the only difference was the extraction of follicles, so he decided to use a needle for transplantation. He grabs 1500-2000 bulbs in 4-5 hours a day using the technique named by Dr. Cole N.I.T. (Needle transplantation), where it achieves optimal results in appropriate situations.

Studies Abroad Dr. Zekeriya Kul

Breast plastic surgery by Dr. Cesar Arrunet Aqui at Belvedere Hospital in Belo Horizonte Belvedere, Brazil.

Hair transplant surgery with Dr. Carlos Uebel in Porto Allegre, Brazil.

Endoscopic breast augmentation technique with Dr. Henry Delmar in France-Nice.

In collaboration with Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura in Yokohama CAL (Immunotherapy assisted fat injection) – Japan.

With Dr. Klaus Überreiter and BEAULI (WAL, Breast Augmentation by Fat Injection) Berlin – Germany.

Laser liposuction with Dr. Anne Moga, Paris, France

Laser liposuction with Dr. Carmen Cavalli in USA – Atlanta

The use of adipose-derived stem cells in plastic surgery in Seoul, South Korea

Combined face lift surgery with Brian Mendelssohn, Australia, Melbourne.

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